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There are relativistic truths

There are relativistic considerations needed to understand gravity, thus Newton's theory of "gravity" only works to a certain extent.

In the same way, evolution only may be true to a certain extent. Or, another way of looking at it is that it is if it isn't fully true, it isn't really true at all.

in that sense, there are very few physical truths/laws that exist. And, you may think i am radical, but I don't think the theory of gravity is a law.

If it were a law, it should work in the quantum world, but it doesn't. Moreover, one needs relativity to make it work in the classical world. Even with relativity, we have to resort to exotic terms like "dark matter" to make the calculations work in the cosmos. Something is wrong.

In a much worse sense, evolution is just a theory; and in this humble scientist's opinion, a very bad one.