Comment: We need some sort of of mass case built

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We need some sort of of mass case built

on all of the criminals from all of the intelligence and documented crimes we have collectively obtained. We need a formal list of accusers accepting liability for the accusations and take this case to a formal Grand Jury for seeking more formal search and arrest warrants along with a the bill for moving forward to trial on the individual criminals. It would be much better money bomb than for any political process. Imagine if we could raise millions in a single day like we did before for RP but this time for an actual criminal trial investigation and trial brought organically by a class of people signed on as formal accusers.

I truly believe we need to take the revolution beyond political and into the judicial branch by bringing formal criminal actions against the explicitly enumerated criminals. We should also resolve that any member of the Government who obstructs justice will formally be charged by the People for felony obstruction of justice.

Let the Jury show where the line of limited liability begins and ends. We need this precedent and we need now.

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