Comment: Well, if these alleged

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Well, if these alleged

Well, if these alleged attacks "harm our national security", then the USA is truly an empire. How can our NATIONAL security be harmed by international events? I laugh at the idiotic claim of harm to our NATIONAL security by the Obama administration if the USA doesn't unilaterally attack Syria. Well, maybe the USA should finally consider the prospect of shrinking its empire back within the confines of its 50 states along with a concomitant removal of troops stationed on foreign soil, eh? ;)

Obama really means that failure to unilaterally attack Syria means possible harm to our INTERNATIONAL security. Anytime a goon in government claims possible harm to America's national security by refusing to meddle in foreign affairs, just correct their twisted argument into its true meaning, i.e. potential harm to America's international security, and then expose the cost and danger of sustaining America's international empire.

Lastly, Boehner's idiotic refusal to recall the House of Representatives in the face of an imminent and unconstitutional act by the POTUS is just another reason to remove Boehner as Speaker of the House.