Comment: Brace yourselves, this

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Brace yourselves, this

Brace yourselves, this probably isn't over.

Let's look at what we have available. I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but damn if TPTB want a war in Syria, they aren't going to give up that easy just because the grass-roots and alternative media are calling for unity against it.

They will get their way. Whether it be by congressional blackmail including withholding of campaign funds to out-right blackmail to get authorization, or staging another false flag to justify the war before congress votes on the resolution, they will continue with the agenda.

They will cite Libya as precedence for the action against Syria. They will cite that we are not 'invading' like Iraq/Afghanistan. They will say its just a few bombs here and there to 'stop the chemical weapons'.

What scares me is the international blowback from those pandering against U.S. intervention. Whether planned or not, we lose.

If anything this speech is a circus act to create the illusion that we have a say in the matter.

Stay agorist.