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If you recall

Joel Skousen has been saying there will be a nuke hit on U.S. soil to justify the next phase of a few agendas i.e further erosion of U.S. Constitution, unfettered war powers across the globe and that pesky old population reduction plan.


While Secretary of State John Kerry whipped world headlines into a moral frenzy against Syria this week, Obama played reticent despite preparing the globalists’ long-sought after attack and takedown of Syria. But the evidence just hasn’t appeared and support is crumbling. Worse, the military realities of forcing Assad into a corner with a massive US cruise missile and air assault almost guarantees he would unleash hundreds of conventional missiles on Israel. UK Prime Minister Cameron seriously underestimated the surge of opposition in Parliament to this fraudulent justification for war and the House of Commons has blocked British participation, so the US is going it alone. You can request a one-time free sample of the briefs by sending an email to

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