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Comment: It will NEVER happen.

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It will NEVER happen.

At least to the TRUE elite. The puppetmasters.

Gone are the days of the torches and pitchforks, nameless, faceless "super-elite" have private jets and high tech underground bunkers now...Plus, people are too brainwashed and apathetic to do anything en masse. And believe me, If we had hyperinflation and the power went out, people would be more worried about protecting their food/family against endless hordes of marauding gangs that are starving and out to steal anything. Survival of the fittest.

Furthermore, most people do not know who is REALLY in charge. Some people think the buck stops with Obama. Some still think it stops with the American people (LMAO) Some people who listen to Beck think it's ALL George Soros. etc etc...It's hard to say who's REALLY in charge because there are so many puppets and disinformation, so many factions so much compartmentalization. You never get to see the faces of those at the tippy-top of the pyramid and you can BET they've had contingency plans in place for a LONG time now because they knew this whole thing was a paper tiger.

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