Comment: Once again, Rand disappoints.

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Once again, Rand disappoints.

Once again, Rand disappoints. So far, we have seen zero evidence that Assad ordered this! Zero. Why didn't he question the honesty of the Obama administration? He could have at least questioned the intelligence.

Why is US and Israeli intelligence still so revered given all that has happened leading up to and after 9/11?

It is time for Rand to really challenge the establishment. This mealy mouthed, "Oh, but Assad protects the Christians" approach is simply not enough. And why must he always pretend that Israel is in danger? This whole thing could very easily be another Israeli false flag!

Israel, through the writings of Oded Yinon, and her beligerent policies, has long sought after the instability of its neighbors. You can't defeat neo-conservatism by making Israel's security the uppermost concern.