Comment: You can give all the examples you want

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You can give all the examples you want

But why would you need to beyond how this government was formed…… the process was corrupted from the beginning……..the Constitution not the Declaration in Independence.

Have you ever heard of von Mises description of praxeology? Praxeology begins with a true axiom, A, all the propositions that can be deduced from this axiom must also be true. For if A implies B, and A is true, then B must also be true. Therefore the antithesis must also be true, that if A is false this implies that B is also false.

Do you know anything about Robert Morris……probably not….once you discover the truth and his association with Alexander Hamilton and how it was the two of them that formed the United Stated Constitution starting with the Annapolis convention then you will have to make a decision……..will I continue living in the fairytale that we are the greatest nation in the history of the world with a few bad apples or just another failing empire. According to von Mises praxeology it has to be one way or the other……you can’t have it both ways. Empires do awful thing to maintained the Empire, A benevolent government would not have any conspiracies because they would not allow it……..that’s the difference between the people that live in reality and conspiracy kooks.

And please when you are researching the Constitution don’t use Wikipedia…….all you will find there is more of the fairytale. I suggest starting with the Federalist papers vs Anti Federalist Papers. If you are unaware of the debate……study the context before reading them……look for why they were written and by whom and in what years…..Then come back and insult me by calling me an idiot.

My perspective comes from and economic angle first and foremost which allow me to be more objective…..can you say the same?