Comment: My letter to Orrin Hatch

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My letter to Orrin Hatch

War in Syria is completely uncalled for.

There is no evidence or even a shred of logic to suggest that Assad actually pulled this attack on his own people in the face of WWIII happening on their turf.

Even if there was, this is none of our business and not our responsibility, we have yet to do any good whatsoever when we go out and try to save other nations. WE ALWAYS create new dictators.

Even if we could actually do some good (which we won't), and it was our business (which it isn't), we don't have the money. Period, end of story. The means does NOT exist.

Detroit lies in RUINS. How DARE you even CONSIDER spending money to help Al Quada take over a nation across the world when we cannot take care of ourselves?

But I think you know all of this and don't care. Here's what you might care about.

Initiating war in Syria would not only be a violation of the War Powers Act and the Geneva Conventions, it would be direct and irrevocable treason upon the American people.

Senators who vote for this war will be considered traitors and held personally accountable. There is no defense for this act. Vote for war in Syria and you are openly confessing to crimes against humanity.

You are facing the most unpopular war in American history, perhaps in world history! History will NOT look kindly upon this war.
If we initiate this aggression, the United States Government will have crossed the barrier irrevocably. You will be entering a war that you cannot win, for even your own people will be against you almost in entirety.

You will be held accountable for your terrorism when history has its say, as were the officers of Nazi Germany.

In case I haven't made myself clear, DO NOT ENTER THIS WAR. That is an order from your boss. You have crossed many lines, this line you do not want to cross.

Freedom in our lifetime! -