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No, I don't exactly agree with Rand on this

Catholics are Christian, but not all Christians are Catholics; Syria had both. The Catholic Church, with the philosophy that governments come and go, after all we're all still using the Roman Empire's Calendar, will work with Assad to keep it's property and place. Other Christians it was split.

Let uderstand that the rebels were protesting Assad no different that Protesters in America over Obama. Kids were killed, people had been killed, then the net shut down and the war was on..

IMO, because it allies with his religion, Assad has allowed Jihadists to pour into Syria. They are said to be hilping the rebels. I don't believe that. I believe, especially looking at the FORCE Assad is employing against his people, and blowing Syria up way worse than the rebels, who many fleed..

The Jihadists were allowed in, and they have been going after the Churches, not the the rebels who are angry that the Church would protect it's self and not the people.. Jihadist have an entire different beef with the Christians, and this civil war is a perfect cover. Assad is not protecting the Churches. That is what the Church hopes.. that's not what Assad's personal religion, which is there as Jihadists are doing.

The rebels are people like you and me. The Army os like all the YouTube videos of police brutality but a war zone..and Islam is doing their part as "rebels", but they are not rebels, and Assad did nothing to keep them out.