Comment: While I am a big proponent of End The Fed,

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While I am a big proponent of End The Fed,

there is so much more to the twisted story. How we assisted big time in aiding the Shah of Iran in the 1970's in eventually getting him into hiding, the PLA, the Muslim Brotherhood, the fact we deposited over $42M in gold into the IMF in 1945 and so much more.
But to the immediate situation. One proposal of rebellion would be that I refuse to pay my federal income tax bill and/or my property tax bill. What will that accomplish for our side? I will lose my home to the gov't, which means they get even more funding. I will be put in prison and the gov't will take all money, investments, personal property, etc. I/we lose. They win.
I vote. I supported and spread the good word of Ron Paul. I contributed many times in his elections. I email my elected officials all the time. They politely turn a deaf ear. I talk to people. I have gone to rallies, put signs in my house windows & my car.
I will keep my guns, be prepared as possible. But, seriously, what more can we do at this time?