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I know Israel has them

appears you have a much more personal relationship, or is that just a grudge?

There is a WAR going on in a nation that had more freedoms than most in the mideast. This woman is in a safe place, blaming Americans for what Assad is doing under the UN with Russia threatening thermo nuclear attack.

She's somewhere in Europe.. no one knows where, and she's sticking up for what Assad has done to the rebels.

Imagine if you dare, the idea that Obama was killing protesterss, even their children, shut off all net communications and begam a police state... how many here said they would be protesting?

This woman is like the wofe of one of the officers shooting protesters and sticking up for Obama, if Obama did that to Americans. So I don't get how people can say that's great, when they post reams of YouTubes about police brutality and bad laws, as if what is happening is Syria could not happen here.. What if Obama allowd the Mexicans to pour in a loot and kill Americans.. that's what the Jihadists are like.. they are killing the rebels, they are not rebels.. they are doing for Assad, what he can not legally do for himself as a Muslim in an area where Sharia Laws are capital.