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Completely clueless

Keep holding fast to a failed ideology that "non-violence" in the face of those who brutally beat, maim, tasered, and shoot is going to ever accomplish anything other than raising the cost of your own medical bills.

Rifles may be a tool, but I'll take my chances with my tool than some failed idiotic ideology of non-compliance which will result in me getting shot and not able to respond.

When you're getting shot at without the "tool" let me know how that works out for you, OK?

The moment a government uses WMD's against the population that rises up against it, it's already lost the war.

This government has been beating, taser, shooting non-violent, non-conformist since the early 1900's. Or did you forget the WWI vets who camped out in DC asking for the money that was promised them being shot at and run out of town?

Stick your non-violent, non-compliant bullshit where the sun doesn't shine. In this world called reality where power only recognizes force you'll never accomplish your goals. Save me the bullshit about Ghandi, his was a fluke, not the norm. He also didn't have to worry about mufti-national corporations buying the votes of his government.