Comment: Misrepresentation of facts (just like MSM)

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Misrepresentation of facts (just like MSM)


I am from southern India where white rice is the staple food. So I know a thing or two about health status in India.

India has the most number of diabetics in the world (a direct consequence of unrestricted carb consumption). The diabetics to population ratio maybe small but increasing as the traditional cultural lifestyle is being supplanted by modern lazy (no-exercise) lifestyle.

Through anecdotal information (from my grand-parents and many other senior people back in India), I see that the Indian diet HAD more variety of vegetables and ghee in their diets. Moreover there were other healthy gluten-free grains other than rice such as raagi, jowar (millets) in the diet back even 50-100 years. Nowadays after a so-called 'green revolution', industrial farming has decreased the soil fertility significantly and has now made a majority of the population depend on easy white rice and gmo tomato and onions.

Read this first -

"Almost one Chinese adult in ten has diabetes. A 2010 study estimated that more than 92 million Chinese adults have the disease, with another 150 million showing early symptoms.[4] The incidence of the disease is increasing rapidly; a 2009 study found a 30% increase in 7 years.[5]"

"India has more diabetics than any other country in the world, according to the International Diabetes Foundation,[6] although more recent data suggest that China has even more.[4] The disease affects more than 50 million Indians - 7.1% of the nation's adults - and kills about 1 million Indians a year.[6] The average age on onset is 42.5 years.[6] The high incidence is attributed to a combination of genetic susceptibility plus adoption of a high-calorie, low-activity lifestyle by India's growing middle class.[7]"

There is no asian paradox. Your entire article is flawed.

Technically eating whole foods (including white rice/potatoes) is far better than maybe processed high-fat junk. But that paleolithic diet is about emulating the diet people had before the invention of agriculture and herding of sheeps. The health of these paleolithic people was significantly better than current or past neolithic cultures.

Specifically Mark Sisson's primal blueprint puts a great emphasis on veggies and fruit and how to include them in large proportions. It still recommends the same 150g max carbs per day as found in other great research works such as 'The Perfect Health Diet' by the Jaminets. Ofcourse you can up your carbs if you are physically active enough - computer job and living in the couch doesn't cut it though.

Please take your pre-convictions somewhere else and don't feed the tptb's agenda of poisoning everyone with their SAD diet.