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Comment: Tragically, that "bus has has passed".

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Tragically, that "bus has has passed".

The best attorneys in the world are not going to win against a "packed court". I almost begged people here at the DAILY PAUL and elsewhere to "stand with Adam" with he proposed the open carry march on Washington. Now, it is infinitely harder, infinitely more dangerous and infinitely more tragic for ALL of us. The Oath Keepers, Gun Owners of America, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Alex Jones, Ron Paul, etc. all failed miserably at the critical moment when we had the initiative, that key moment when we could have assured our liberty and prevented the inevitable war and complete control by the New World Order. Barring a miracle, Adam will "disappear," and die alone in a secret prison.

Don't expect Congress to hold out very long against a military strike on Syria. Boehner would not be acting as casually as he is if he did not think he had the votes to start World War III.