Comment: Nice thought but how did Dorothy win in the Wizard of Oz?

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Nice thought but how did Dorothy win in the Wizard of Oz?

She didn't focus on a mass awareness or on debating with or fighting the flying monkeys. She went after the wizard. She went to the top and all she had to do was expose him for what he was.

Granted that today, just exposing the top echelon probably wouldn't stop them but there are other 'vays of making them talk'. Since they actually number very small as compared to the masses, the most obvious that people think of is by force. But that still doesn't change the events they have already put in motion. There is one other way that's rarely discussed.

We relegate them to insignificance or in short, we become prosperous without them or their influence. Without the masses clamoring to them for support, livelihood and guidance, their half baked cons on the world would sound like irate rantings of a bunch of 5 year olds. All we have to do is solve all the people's level of problems ourselves.

WE should end terrorism. Sounds hard but with social media and the cooperation it enables, surely we could create our own surveylance state back on them.

WE should end wars and politics for energy. Sounds just as hard but with this being my field, I can say it is going to happen very soon and very completely. Just be sure to support things that break the monopoly now held by big energy when it comes along.

WE should end hunger. We here all know that more than enough food is grown to feed the world and that it's politics that stop it from reaching the hungry. We here know how the food industries have corrupted the very sustenance that the world relies on. We do have the power to change that, just like we have the techniques to bring abundant harvests to even the most desolate agrarian areas.

WE should end debt. We have the knowledge of exactly how a bank should operate so why don't we create one? We know what money should act like and we even have a first generation experiment running well on it. Why don't we create an online network that's both secure and full of the real features that people might want and do both with the ease of use that attracts virility.

WE should end surveillance. We all know about mesh networks and now we're seeing how small communities that adopted them have less to no ongoing costs while enjoying 30 times the traditional bandwidth. We also know that global surveillance only works because of the centralization of internet services. So, we simply distribute it.

All these, and more, are coming. They're inevitable and many are nearing completion now. By using these tools, we win first which empowers more people to jump on board. The iPhone model of selling enormous product in insanely short time frames can then take each of these global in no time. We just have to build those tools.