Comment: How public are public Schools?

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How public are public Schools?

How public are public Schools?

Government "public" schools are funded by money extorted from the public at the point of a gun, either through "real estate" taxes or state "income" taxes returned in the form of grants to cities and towns to "offset" the "property" taxes that "have" to be levied to fund the schools.

Extortion is not a "public" function or a part of any legitimate "public" purpose. It is a private act!

Therefore, I say, so called "public" schools are not public schools at all, but are more accurately described as Municipal Corporate Schools. You may live in a place with a name like Boston, but that is different from the municipal corporate government called: "City Of Boston." There are "Bostonians" who live there, but they may or may not be members of the municipal corporate government.

The point is that there are several, sometimes overlapping, entities: 1. Boston, as a geographical area, 2. Bostonians, as the body politic of the geographic area, 3. the City of Boston as a municipal corporation (MC), and 4. the Members of that corporation, also known as citizens, who vote for the officers of the MC, and for whom the corporation makes rules and laws, and meters out privileges and penalties.

Being forced to "pay" taxes because you live in some municipal governmental district and have consented to being a member of a local MC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of a state municipal corporation, which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of the federal municipal corporation, is all part of the "privilege" of membership.

Now the issue is: Are you member of a municipal corporation? Do you have voting rights in an MC? Do you take benefits, or enjoy privileges from your membership in an MC? Are you a "citizen of a Municipal Corporation... State of... City of... ?

If the answer is YES, as it most likely is, you are bound by statutory law to follow the corporate by-laws or be punished. You are ruled by that corporate structure, and by those who hold positions of authority within it. It is just as if you were an employee of General Motors Corporation. If you don't abide by the corporate by-laws, then you are punished.

As an extrapolation therefore, this also means that you are a corporate federal 14th Amendment subject citizen of the US, and not one of the de jure native peoples to any of the states in the union.

State Citizens, or Nationals, are referenced in Article 4 Section 2 of the Constitution. This is who, in law, all the free peoples of the Union are.

It is still true today. It's just that you are not one of them because you have unwittingly chosen to be a federal, Roman Civil Law, citizen. You are a slave.

Slaves have no Natural Rights, only Civil Rights and privileges granted to them by the government. "if you take a benefit, you must pay the price" is a maxim in law.

If you want to be free, and bestow that freedom to your children, read the Red Amendment and contact the representatives of PAC to help you out.

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