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Comment: I don't read it like you do

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I don't read it like you do

I read it that Obama is more in tune with the Syrian rebels, than he is with Americans, because many here, for example, fear Obama is doing what Assas is doing.. the rebels are just like many here

"Thousands of Syrians have died and even more suffered economic hardship fighting for a better future. One protester, Sameh Nawar, when asked why he has risked so much to oppose Assad, said, “It’s tough but I cannot hope for a decent living until this revolution brings me and my children the opportunity that repression robbed [from] me.” The international community needs to be ready to help so that Sameh and his fellow Syrians’ struggle is not in vain."

Assad is blowing Syria up, he's let the Jihadist from his Islamic position come in and do to Christians and Muslims who are not of his position destoy Syria. Assad is no one to support. He is using his WMD he gets from Russia and Iran to keep his followers, not "FREE SYRIA".

Rebuilding Syria, notice the American have a plan for ports.. that's because the people who want FREE SYRIA are FOR US and Israel human advancement, rather than Syria, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the communist/Islam NWO. it's not Americans and Israel's destruction of the MidEast. That is a lie.

What right does Russia have to arm Assad against FREE SYRIA? This is exactly what DP claims daily they don't want for themselves, but it'w OK for Syrians?

No doubt, there's a NWO, and now it's begun a struggle for power, Putin making the play by entangling Russia in a civil war for his own corporate Interest.