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I sent it

Very depressing and disgusted...I shortened it and threw it sat them in disgust.
Dear Honorable .......
Vote absolutely NO American intervention in the Middle East please. We are acting uncivilized for a nuclear power, stirring up a hornets nest against allies that refuse to get involved personally in their own state of affairs. It will not be easily forgotten. Have the President go before the United Nation Counsel if he is so sure about his evidence against President Assad. Have a World Court set the precedent for war judiciously. Assad is reasonable we are not. We have secretly and now openly funded sworn enemy terrorists to terrorize someone we don't like.. We will be destroyed if we respond with military options. Have the UN evaluate this so called secret evidence that has he and some in his administration believe implicate Assad without a shadow of a doubt. Let the UN decide on World War our intelligence is lacking let them evaluate it. Think about how wrong we were on Benghazi,(video), Kuwait(incubator babies), Iran (WMD). Let the UN try to sift out a war zone to see if Assad ordered them (doubtful), or if a rogue General, soldier or the rebels. The UN is very capable, we are NOT. We can't afford it and it is immoral. The UN was set up after Nuremberg because of a war criminal named HITLER...IT WAS DONE TO AVOID A WORLD WAR LIKE OBAMA IS DEMANDING. If Congress doesn't vote no, you are blind and wanting your own Civil WAR.