Comment: It’s hidden in plain sight

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It’s hidden in plain sight

the information is there for all to just have to take off your rose colered glasses.

This is what you said to me…..isn’t this just a bit hypocritical on a couple fronts.

My problem with you is you attack people for being in the earlier stages of a journey that you have already traveled on.

First….the kooks are on the same path……and further down it then the newbies are, yet when the newbies question the kooks ……man the kooks come unglued......which I kind of enjoy watching....well reading!

Secondly …..the kooks DO NOT like to be challenged by someone like me……but if they looked in the right place( the von Mises Institute) they would know that they are the lunatic fringe!!!!!!!!!

Thirdly as far as “me being further down the path”……and thank you for recognizing this…isn't it my responsibility to make sure that if I am further down the path then I not only have more correct information……but I have the experience and knowledge of what the puzzle looks like and should show it for what it is…….which is why I do not deviate from the message…..LIBERTY!!!!!!!!!!

It is hidden in plain sight If you open your eyes and look at it. The competing philosophies are the State vs Liberty and Liberty has been getting it ass kicked for 225 years. Read “Our Enemy, The State”. If you are a Devote Austrian then you would know that the conspiracy kooks hurt the cause of Liberty.

Watch the Video: “The State is Too Dangerous to Tolerate”

Sorry about the break in the conversation….took my teenage kids to see the new movie “Closed Circuit” ….it is about governmental conspiracy….well conspiracy if you believe in the virtue of government. Turned out to be a great teaching tool for them…..the discussion afterward was great. Just to spoil it for you in the end the lawyers discover how corrupt their government really is and they end up with a new set of eyes.