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Allrighty then buddy!

The USS Liberty was a spy ship, a big ear, floating just outside Israel in international waters. Why the crew chose this place to sunbath and enjoy the Meditrannian weather, the US Navy is not telling.. but there USS Liberty was, right in the middle of a war zone.. Israel and Egypt were struggling through a peace plan (which they achieved no thanks to the USA).

Israel flew over. Anyone who jknows anything about Israel knows that Israel has taken a stringent line of defense, and attacks anything seen as a threat. Every military on Earth knows, Israel will shoot to kill forst and ask questions later because it's recent creation has been perpetual wars, started against them.

Israel took out the USS Liberty because the USS Liberty had no business being close enough to spy on Israel, international waters or not, and Israel is correct, which is why the USA nevr paid the USS Liberty the respect her crew deserved. They were only doing what they were told to do, and whoever told them to do that, put them in harm's way and they were killed in vain. No one knew until a few years ago.. now it's used as a anti-Jew story, but it's not Israel who was wring for the USS Liberty. It was the USA who let us down. Israel was just Israel. We should all be like Israel.