Comment: You're a complete idiot

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You're a complete idiot

The rebels are Israeli and Saudi financed and backed. The chemical weapons you claim Assad "used against his own people" have been reported to have come from Saudi Arabia. Most likely from the U.S. Why is there intelligence from the Syrian government of Assad asking his chemical weapons department why there was a chemical weapons attack. Yeah that sounds like a government that used it against his own people. Not forgetting that the U.S. has used Chemical and biological weapons against it's own people since the 1940's

You're a statist worshiper and a coward, how you can even claim you're for liberty is completely beyond me. Name any other incident that the Assad government has used WMD's against it's own people, and I can cite you 10 of the U.S. doing the same to it's own people completely ignoring the Genevea conventions rules on asking patients to take part in medical experimentation. Or do you consider the Tuskegee airman having syphilis injected into them without their consent volunteers?

You're woefully misinformed, or you're being paid to spread misinformation so which is it?

The Syrian government is SECULAR. Do you know what that means? Christians have the same rights as Muslims in Syria.