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First paragraph

First paragraph. I disagree.. The UN Agenda, as each sovreign state comes uder, by the US or by Russia in the case of Syria, what Assad is doing to his protesters is war crimes, because he allows the Jihadist to come in to Syria and do what he can not do legally.. he will not protect the Christians, he has allowed the Jihadists to take care of the Christians.. he's in a civil war against those who wish Syria was more like Israel or the US.. not the UN Agenda.

Second paragraph" I do not see the Syrians who are protesting Assad as mercinaires.. to me, those who be the Jidhadists doing for Assas and Islam what the UN should be stopping, but the Islamic majority has the UN leaving Syria.. nothing to see in Syria.. The US sanctions were deserved, Assad wasn't helping his people, he was building a military to kill his people that didn't go NWO Russian Style.

And it could be that you like or prefer Russian economics better, though, they too are central banking.

I believe Israel should expand, that's how fanatical I am.. I also think the US should adopt Israel's style of government, something that actually works for the people.

The NWO is led by those countries who are the majority in the UN. It doesn't make sense to destabilize the Mid East for Israel.. it makes perfect sense for Islam to have a de-stablized Mid East controlled by sharia Laws.

The NWO has been around a lot longer than America..