Comment: Former USN service member here

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Former USN service member here

I spent 8 years in the United States Navy. I decided not to re-enlist after I woke up. No way I could continue to serve this leviathan of global oppression.

Do whatever you have to to show him that this military is NOT the military that has been told to him in school and on television. I bought all that bullshit too when I was a kid. As an adult you see it for what it is. A machine, you do what your told even if it goes against your moral compass.

Do whatever you have too to keep him from joining and pointing out other life paths. He can still be a pilot without the military experience. I've known plenty of pilots who never set foot in a military aircraft.

With the information out there now, I can't honestly see why anyone would willingly join this military or let their kids do it.