Comment: You are so far out of your

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You are so far out of your

You are so far out of your league here. Read it again.

The word republic, derived from the Latin res publica, or "public thing," refers to a form of government where the citizens conduct their affairs for their own benefit rather than for the benefit of a ruler. Historically republics have not always been democratic in character, however. For example, the ancient Republic of Venice was ruled by an aristocratic elite.

"By a republic, Madison meant a system in which representatives are chosen by the citizens to exercise the powers of government."

This speaks against your case, not for it. The fact that they clarified what Madison meant when he called a particular system a "republic" speaks volumes. The fact that you think this piece helps your argument also speaks volumes.

Republic is not a synonym for representative democracy.

You don't seem to realize that this conversation is over, and that you were wrong.