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What the hell?

I'm a Navy veteran and now a civilian electrical engineer, and there's zero bullshit to my story. Most of the soldiers I interact with have done multiple tours in the ME and are not brain-addled, though some are bitter and glad to be on a CONUS mission. And nearly all the airmen have never left CONUS and have never worked on any weird, rogue bullsh*t programs, either. Yes, they follow orders, but they're not getting insane, illegal orders. They're defending the country against attack.

The idea that the US military is entirely rogue, doing nothing but fighting illicit wars and training to enslave America is ludicrous. The US military is not inherently unrighteous and evil.

The OP's son could be proud to be a career USAF officer, to lead by example in keeping activities under his command ethical, lawful and constitutional as he moves up the ranks. Or he could serve his required term, feel like he paid his dues, and then resign to return to civilian life.

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