Comment: A new dawn

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A new dawn

Great article, and nothing but agreement from me. Would elaborate: it's not the all-powerful that compel US actions any longer. It is my opinion that the near universal rejection of this war by the United States population, as evident in the overwhelming on-line negativity to such action, assisted by world-wide population abhorrence, is the one argument that resonates. It rings so loudly in the halls of the Executive, that a scurrying behind the apron of the Legislative was its only option left. It has yet to get into the heads of this military-industrial-executive mind set that the tax paying citizens of this country and indeed the world have had it up to their necks with the expense and death tolls of the practice of war. Syria is where the buck stops, so it appears from world opinion. Attempted control by elected decision makers and those who influence them is diminishing. The influence of personal opinion is on the rise through the gift of the internet, as this comment attests.