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Once again let me re-iterate.

The disagreements you indicate are exactly the misapprehensions that I addressed in my comment. The jihadists are NOT imported by Assad in order to "take care of the Christians". That is the most bizarre assertion I have read in a very long time. The Islamists oppose Assad, just as they opposed Qadhafe, and in fact many of the same mercenaries have been imported from Benghazi to fight in Syria. Assad is a secularist who has fostered a socialist form of government, with the Baathist political philosophy.

Assad is being opposed by the fundamentalist Sunni Muslim Brotherhood who are the designated inheritors of the States being attacked by the NWO. Why they are so designated is another story entirely. They are the ones who were recently installed and then deposed in Egypt where the people apparently have no interest in the extreme form of Islam represented by the Muslim Brotherhood, another project of Saudi Arabia and the Western intelligence services.

Syria were, along with Egypt (in the United Arab Republic), Iraq under Saddam Hussein and Libya under Qadhafe, all client states of the former Soviet Union. This is another reason why they are being destabilised by the Anglo-American NWO which also broke up the USSR and defeated that empire in Afghanistan using the forebears of the present al Qaeda. The ultimate targets of all these military adventures in the Middle East and Africa are Russia and China who are still hold outs to the plans of the globalists in setting up their world government centred on the UN and its alphabet soup of NGOs and agencies. This is why you are so opposed to Russia and China. You have swallowed the narrative of the globalists which is becoming more and more incoherent as all their internal contradictions are exposed.

Bashir Assad and his father before him have protected all the minorities in Syria for decades, including the Christians. They themselves belong to a minority sect of Islam, the Alawite Shiites. This is why the nations being targeted by the NATO/Israel axis have been named the Shia Crescent. This is also one of the reasons they are opposed by Saudi Arabia which is the source of the ideology underpinning the entire al Qaeda movement, Wahhabism, the fundamentalist Sunni form of Islam.

You simply must read the link in Little Wing's post below. You are seriously deficient in knowledge about these matters and need a crash course in geopolitics to get up to speed. Here is another good source of information: On the right hand side of that web page is a list of articles entitled Essential Resources which is a good place to start.

Another web site that specialises in the machinations of the global elites is the Daily Bell but that site is currently under attack so it is dangerous to visit it. That is a pity since they have identified some memes that the elites use to mesmerise the people and lead them down the path of their devising.

Bon voyage.

PS "Israel" is a police State and that is why America is rapidly following suit in that direction. It surprises me that so few American realise this. The US has been subverted by the forces of international socialism under the form of a Constitutional Republic for the past one hundred years. The Russian Revolution is often referred to as the Jewish Revolution since it was largely controlled by Jews and Jewish political philosophers are at the core of communist thinking. Ideas control nations and the world is largely controlled today by Jewish ideas, Jewish religions and the US is no exception. Even Mohammed went to the Jew first since he was following along the path laid down by the Israelites and the Jews before him.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)