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MSM and GovernmentYou've

MSM and Government
You've STILL not shown ANY substantial proof of those responsible, STOP falling back in the assumption of Assad has to be the guilty party, by then making plans, debating what you should, calling for war, saying to show a strong stance, etct fucking etc.....based on the ASSUMPTION that it is Assad, WITHOUT THE FUCKING EVIDENCE TO BACK IT UP

Heres a god damn question, what will YOU do, if it so happens to be the ones you have or are, offering not accusing them, but seing as proof of guilt is not a requirement, i would like THAT question asked, and answered for every assad accusation....thankyou fucking much

By the way, proof of ASSAD personally veriviably made the call, not a regime, not someone else, ASSAD knowingly and purposefully, since you are laying blame at assads feet.......TWATS