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Thanks doggy.

I know where you are coming from, and now that more people are aware that the "government" is getting less and less honest with them, and that the "media" lies to them, and that we are heading towards a One World Government, people can see a conspiracy in everything. But they will settle down.
Looking into "conspiracies", helps broaden your thinking, allows you to connect the dots, often teaches some long neglected history, and gives an insight to how Geo Politics works, and make people think laterally.
Sometimes even if the theory is wrong, (and boy, are they hard to "prove"), people can be on the right track.
Let people sort out what they believe in and why, some theories stack up and others don't
I like the Martha Mitchell story, because it shows that the Whitehouse is Rotten to the Core. And that the CIA is really running the joint, for their personal gain and private profit.
If the CIA is running the Whitehouse, the scope for conspiracy is endless.