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Back In U.S. History,

When the ORIGINAL plans were not yet formulated for the false dichotomy of the 'two-party system', every party would nominate, and then elect, their candidates. the contest would then take place, until two were chosen as the most popular. Those two would go on to debate each other, and the one who gained the 'popular vote' would become president, with the loser in this contest becoming vice-president.

Most of Grayson's platform is 'socialist', and a large part of Rand Paul's platform could be easily defined as 'Corporatist' (down to his backing of Romney in the '12 selection). Neither of these belief systems are in alignment with the original Fathers' idea in the crafting of this Constitutional Republic. 'Democracy' was a reviled idea, and the Corporation was also a hated thing, to ALL of them (in fact, it was UNLAWFUL to establish one, for a period of time).

Grayson, or Rand?
Charlie Romeo Alpha Poppa.