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I have a stronger statement to make,

I have a stronger statement to make, just my intuition:

it is time to recall your military to their oath to the Constitution, then have them fire *orderly* ALL OF THE OBAMARX "administration", stop paying rent to all of both Congress AND Senate, put them all on leave, then prepare all the charges necessary, along with the trials, proceed, find guilty whoever is, punish accordingly, and finally recall The People for new elections...

... before these INSANE men and women, mastermind criminals or accomplices DESTROY whatever is left of *YOUR* country.

Again, just IMO.

Would you be willing and capable to do it, America?

That, I don't know.

But :

"A coeur vaillant, il n'est rien d'impossible."

In truth : for you, The People, what does really prevent you to speak to your military? Are you not sharing with them THE SAME precious Constitution?

Speak to them. APPEAL TO THEM, they are only a part of You, The People : as such, their enemy and yours is THE SAME ENEMY.

And your enemy, America... Your enemy IS DOMESTIC.




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