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Thanks for the Update

According to this you are correct and donations ARE needed but that info didn't post correctly:

"We thank all of our supporters for standing in solidarity with Adam in his time of need. Please direct all fundraising efforts to [SOMETHING MISSING HERE?] . Please be sure to read the instructions listed there about the allocation of funds. Your support is vital and we would be nowhere without you. You are the lifeblood of this movement"

On 7/20/13 Adam needed $10k

According to here Adam needs at least $50k?:

(can anyone confirm the below is presently correct?)

I like the unwanted babies part ;)

Send cash, money orders, precious metals, and unwanted babies to:

PO Box 1603
Sterling, VA 20167

Write to Adam
If you want to write Adam, now is the perfect time, Lets send him tons of mail, to let the prison know that we know hes there!

Adam Kokesh
1901 D Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

Sounds like Adam's attorney could use some moral support, too.