Comment: Please, you just posted PURE GLOBALIST PROPAGANDA

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Please, you just posted PURE GLOBALIST PROPAGANDA

on the DP with your OP, and you expect to be taken seriously?

Clearly, even on DP, some people are lazy and don't read, and/or they don't fully comprehend the consistent principles of liberty.

There are many people here who just see the liberty movement as a means to a personal goal, that goal not being restoring liberty to the USA, but usually involves eliminating Israel, blaming the USA, and apologizing for Russia and radical Islam's wrong doings.

Once again, the article you posted is pure globalist, world government aka new world order propaganda.

I have explained this, and broken down this article, piece by piece, in my comment above. No true American liberty person can support this article. You cannot support it, and be consistent with Ron Paul's principles. It's entirely inconsistent. Ron Paul's goal was not to harp on the US and Israel, but to just point out the hypocrisy in our government. He doesn't want to surrender US sovereignty to some global governing body!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?