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Where is the accuser?

Where is the valid cause of action? Where is consent of the governed?

Shall we ignore these aspects of law and supplant them with code that is in conflict with our organic laws? Shall we apply code that was never intended for application to the people? Shall we ignore the roots of our laws? Shall we sever these roots of our law that require lawful acts of government to be derived from the consent of the governed? Shall we sever these roots so that we can drift into a tyranny of men acting without accepting liability for their own actions?

Recipe for tyranny:

Allow a group of men to make "laws" upon other men

Remove all liability from those men enforcing those "laws" and require that every "law" they write be enforced upon everyone

Add prosecuting attorney who is the single decider of who the law is applicable to and make that person immune from liability also.

Add judge who is paid in an unlawful tender thereby sitting in direct conflict applicable law themselves being the decider of the case itself


This recipe will give you tyranny every time.

The current recipe is not lawful. It is the result of usurpations by corrupt criminal men. One can clearly see what is lawful simply by looking for consistency of ALL applicable law not just whatever they say it is. The "courts" and "law enforcement" are criminals already because they are and have been using violent force to force the use of an unlawful tender (that is a private bank's mathematically guaranteed to fail debt note) upon We the People for a very long time. They are also claiming their authority from the Constitution while their pay for that capacity is this same unlawful tender. Being paid in unlawful tender puts them in Breach of Duty to their constitutional contractual capacity and thus they stand outside their lawful capacity with no jurisdiction in any matter at all. They are sitting criminals who are blatantly violating the tender law. They will claim that issue is settled but the fact remains that they are simply lying corrupt criminals who's actions outside of real law is the single biggest threat to National Security and because of their failure to uphold the law America will experience a total economic collapse. How can we expect criminals unlawfully claiming to be government to uphold the law? They will point to some words on a page and say hey you, you must be punished for this. What happens when we point to the words on a page that says they must only use gold and silver coin as tender in payment of debts to lawfully maintain the defined legal capacity? They will ignore this because they are criminals who are unfit to uphold the law and then they will proceed to demonstrate their criminality by harassing people who have not harmed anyone. It is official at this point; we have a total breakdown in the rule of law. The people do not understand the law and the system using law as a weapon upon the ignorant. This is why America has the most people in prison over all other countries. It is because we do not understand that lawful (just) powers of government are derived from consent of the governed means for every single act that interferes in anyone's life or liberty ever.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...