Comment: Watch the dem leftists

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Watch the dem leftists

They may say they are against war, but they would gas a billion people before they would let Rand threaten their big Gov't socialism, just as they will vote for advocates of the NAS domestic spying, as long as their candidate promises more and more Government.

Lets get this straight. There is not right-left or libertarian-left coalition on anything. The left may whine. But in the end, they are in the pocket of the big bad Feds. They have their priorities straight.

A portion of the traditional conservative right is waking up. Some are just Obama bashing. But many are realizing that our interventionist foreign policy is irrational.

The real battle of ideas is in the Republican party. Anyone who supports this war should be purged from that party forever.

There is no ideological war within the Democratic party. They will always pull together for the sake of glorious socialism on election day, even if we drone every elementary school in the world.