Comment: I was an EDU student last semester.

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I was an EDU student last semester.

We had a lady come in and speak for over an hour on common core and she did describe a system of tracking kids. They report year by year in your childs documents how they progress, what they need to work on, strengths, weaknesses etc.) In reality, in a free market education system this is a good way to track progress. However, in the hands of the state when the majority of teachers are socialists (even here in Southern Missouri) because they have an investment to the state; they sign the paychecks, yes we will see their points of views projected in our children. They are under your child's supervision for many hours a day.. the teacher is a massive asset the state and that is why I chose not to be one. My EDU program also emphasized socializing kids and all the mistakes in the education system were blamed on lazy/unloving parents. I was even labeled a latchkey kid.