Comment: Force Sleeplessness In Washington, DC

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Force Sleeplessness In Washington, DC

It certainly should trouble any thinking American ... However, the US Congress has been complicit in the crimes of the executive branch by passing the War Powers resolution. The War Powers resolution only muddied the boundaries of executive power. In EVERY FLIPPIN' scenario involving potential war including imminent hostilities, a congressional declaration of war is feasible and manageable electronically. If military personnel can be physically recalled within 20-30 minutes during emergencies, then so can the US Congress be paged, authenticated, presented evidence, and vote electronically within 10-15 minutes with enough time remaining for John McCain to play a game of poker while the POTUS launches ABMs in retaliation. Stop the excuses for granting unconstitutional power to the executive branch.

I sometimes wonder if the War Powers resolution was passed primarily as a cover for US Congressmen to duck their constitutional responsibilities and sleep undisturbed during potential hostilities. I want US congressmen and senators subjected to periodic electronic recalls like the US military is subject to physical recalls. I want these traitors SLEEPLESS in Washington, DC where many of them whore on my dime!