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You are really not getting it

You think the consent I am talking about here is for someone charged for a crime and they consent to whether or not the charge is applicable. I am talking about any government action that interferes with the liberty of any man/woman must be derived from the consent of the governed. This consent can come from the accused and/or the accuser. For the government "agents" lawful actions can only come from consent of the governed because in order for any agent to be an agent there must be a principal that the agent is acting on the behalf of. This is the only way the agent can have limited liability and maintain any form of agency. The principal is the one liable for the actions (within their defined legal capacity as an agent) of the agent. Follow liability and make sure the liability is enumerated and that for government agents this liability is held by one or more of the governed. This will maintain true agency and maintain congruency within the DOI. Understanding the clear requirement of the accused's inherent common law right to face their accuser (laws of nature permitting) the law of agency, the DOI's explicit requirement of consent of the governed, the constitutional enumerated purpose of securing the blessings of liberty and domestic tranquility all must never be violated to maintain real lawful procedures. Otherwise a law will be broken and the law breakers can easily be exposed by truly law abiding men.

When I say law abiding men I mean men who never lie cheat steal kill or intentionally harm another in any way at all. This is the first thing one must do to discover real law otherwise the divine inspiration needed for maintaining the protections of law will be inaccessible to the law breaker. One cannot hide malicious intent from the true sovereign of the Universe. Hiding one's intent from the divine source of order is impossible.

For you to say Spooner was a hack demonstrates your ineptitude. He is the only other man I have ever seen who maintains perfect logical congruency in his interpretations of law. He is literally an Isaac Newton or Einstein of legal law. I found Spooner after a deep journey into law and history and found he is the only other human being I can find who clearly understands the requirements for all law to be maintained at all times for all actions whether criminal or civil. Others were very close such as TJ and Bacon but none achieved the epic enlightenment of Spooner.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...