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Don't flip the bozo bit

ANN is modeled on the same resulting response stimuli measured from a real neuron. ANN may be artificial but the fact remains that the patterned stimuli of the human mind operates on logical weighted stimuli summed with weighted experience. A skilled programmer can understand why and how this is so. Understanding that the details of ANN one skilled and clear of its implications as the possible governing mechanics of a real human mind can begin to conduct highly controlled experiments to gain insight into actions and reactions of the human body. One needs to gain vast amounts of similar information and then tap the subject with similar weighted stimuli to get their attention and then begin to apply the weights of stimuli appropriately to the subject. One can hypothesize stimulate and evaluate. Repeating this pattern can enable one to see how conflicts will react in a human beings movements and response stimuli. This is the foundational law of nature of how the informational logic in the human brain actually operates. The thing is that the need for similar attention getting weighted information is supreme and it just so happens that the Law is all written down. This means that one can freely obtain vast amounts of information that is highly weighted in subjects practicing "law" orders of magnitude beyond the random man on the street because you don't the weights in a random man's experience but you do in one studying law. Courtrooms happen to be the perfect laboratory for such an experiment. Gaining the information forms the informational experience of the information logic and divine inspiration can enable vision into the probable weights of importance to the probable subject. Through envisioning the weights of probable outcomes the path of informational stimuli can be filtered and ordered into paths of targeted self-conflicting logic of the subject and the resulting motor functions can be observed and determined if they are within the probability network hypothesized before the experiment was conducted. Taking this approach to law is one attempting to utilize ALL laws from divine through natural, common, organic, constitutional to statutory code to find out what real law actually is. I have conducted MANY experiments and my results are absolutely amazing. I found law to be something on a whole other level of clarity from where most people's consciousness is currently at. There is absolute precision in law accessible to man. Of course the rulers have known this all along.

So you can flip the bozo bit if you want to but you might just be the bozo here, dude....

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...