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Let me guess, you're the one with originality that had the bright idea of getting a multicolor sign and putting some tired worn out and overused peace sign all over it?

I am educating people, not standing on a street waving some stupid ass multucolor peace sign that NO ONE even bothers to look at anymore. 50 years. Do you get that? 50 fucking years idiots have been waving multicolor signs with peace signs on it. Yeah way to go for originality. Do you think that the message got across 50 fucking years ago? We're still waging war more so now. Something tells me the signage isn't working. But no thats just me relaying my ignorance apparently.

Keep waving your multicolor peace sign and keep asking yourself why no one notices and why no one cares, or why NO ONE will take you seriously. If you didn't catch my drift in any of this triad it all boils down to those stupid multicolor signs with peace signs plastered all over it have LOST THEIR MEANING!!! But by all means keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.