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atlasdaddy - I dont follow your thinking here - please help me

So on the one hand you say not involve the family - ok - I get that. But then you say to do something in the "then and there". Lets take the video you reference as an exercise.

What are you going to do? Spout off about the Constitution and natural rights. Clearly the thugs don't give a crap since they could care less they are practically choking a woman for playing a guitar. It sounds like you are saying people should physically intervene. Well lets play that through a minute.

Once you intervene physically, you are looking at felony assault on an officer - and the threat of many many years in prison. How do you plan on winning this situation? There are four cops, one of you and maybe another good bystander. You do realize that in order to stop the situation and bend the outcome in your favor, you are going to have to out-gestapo the gestapo right? That means the first contact with the officer needs to be such an overwhelming show of force that the officer is either incapable or unwilling to fight back. You will need complete control before backup arrives to have any chance of winning your argument. You need to OWN the situation, and that will not happen with some half hearted attempt.
Frankly, you would have to administer crushing injuries to two of the officer immediately - the type of injuries that would cause permanent damage.

Otherwise, what do you think you are going to do - other than get pummeled, put in the hospital, then prison.

Sorry, but if you are not willing to post some names, you are not ready to escalate to a physical altercation since that outcome is much worse.

Please don't get me wrong - I am just stating common sense tactics - I in now way shape or form think people should be out fighting cops - that means society has fallen apart. I think the liberty movement is gaining and winning and THAT is the proper way to handle things at this point. A better way now would be to contribute to the legal funds of this lady to sue the crap out of the cops in civil court.