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Hope this helps

Think about it.... someone walking along maybe sees a dog digging a hole in someone else's yard, or maybe fighting with a smaller dog, he thinks he can solve any problem, especially problems that do not belong to him, so he foolishly grabs the dog by the ears and lifts it off the ground to make it stop, and now the dog is barking viciously and snapping trying to get at the one holding it.

He's now thinking...."Gulp, what did I get myself into?"

What's going to happen when he lets go of the dog?

All the while the dog is hurting and getting angrier by the second!

How long can he hold the dog.... realizing that now he is going to get bit REAL BAD?

Should have minded his own business and left the dog alone.

This truth can be applied to many situations and should be a wise warning for us all!

Maybe not the best explanation but hope this helps.

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~