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Comment: The USA and Israel Are Major Offenders Of Chemical Weapons Ban

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The USA and Israel Are Major Offenders Of Chemical Weapons Ban

Israel constantly uses chemical and biological weapons against the Palestinians. White phosphorous and poisoning Palestinian water supplies.

The USA which is controlled by the same zionist scumbags has covered Muslim nations with depleted uranium which poisons the earth for thousands of years. Killing people for generations to come. The USA also used white phosphorous on these nations. All which is banned from use in warfare. This use of depleted uranium slowly kills the military personnel who deploy them which saves from paying retirement to these men who will die within 10-20 years after exposure.

We should arrest all who are responsible for use of these weapons. They should stand trial for their crimes and executed when found guilty.

The zionists have built massive underground cities with sub-terrain transportation systems. They have built seed vaults and stockpiled massive amounts of food. They plan to hide underground for 10 years after they have destroyed mankind with all out nuclear war.

They planned this 200+ years ago. They make long range plans while the sheep have been taught to look ahead only days.

Wake up sheeple! The enemy are within the gates. They are few but very organized. We are many who must unite to destroy them.

We must recognize the true enemy in order to defeat them. They have hijacked government, robbed us blind, created wars and plan to exterminate mankind to rule the planet.

They enemy are the zionists, the cockroaches of humanity. Led by the Rothschild