Comment: The smell of skunk.. means marijuana where I live

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The smell of skunk.. means marijuana where I live

Or a dead skunk in the middle of the road... in this case I believe it means, "I small something fishy (skunk) and don't know esactly what it is because I can't see it (the subject).. although you do understand that McCai't is now voting against the CFR resolution for limited time and stikes (no $$$ estimate provided.. and there's no reason that this could not become a another endless war.. speaking of which.. it's is not America and Israel perpetuating endless war as many of you think and blame America..

First, right now there is saber rattling by the US.. they are talking, and many here are knee jerk reacting: ANTI-WAR.. all war is bad, it goes without saying all this common sense. but war is not about common sense, it's about victory or death.

I see THE ZIONISTS are accused and their "allies" blamed for everything. It's so easy to connect the dots! How can any FOOL not see? Because that's what you are being shown, 80 to 1 on YouTube, and in the name of TRUTH you are being programmed to accept and believe in a "truth" that is like the Tau, two sides, black white, and seach has a dot.. one side total truth the other total lies and they both lie and tell the truth.. the red pill or blue pill, they are both pills. Somewhere in the balance is humanity and your place within.

There are zionists for a NWO, but they are far from alone, as we can see Russia has no problem with Assad slaughtering anyone who protests what he is doing to Syria (Syrians LOVED Syria so much they bragged about how wonderful Syria is.. that Syria ceases to exist), that is the NWO UN Agenda.. notice the UN doing anything?

Then we have Zionists for Israel, and many of these are religious (Irony Orthodox Jews not for Israel believe the Messiah will come and Israel stops that) Christians believe Israel will be where Jesus will come.. others believe Israel will become the black glass dot like on Jupitor's red mark.

I think Israel represents freedom.. The MIC takes advantage and blames Israel.. it's like Israel is it's Plato.. Israel's is the free world's Socrates.. they have a political system that works for PEACE.. within their walls they have PEACE.. 1.2 million people are seeking Amnesty.. tourism is still at 30K a day, so what about Syria.

If you ahev not seen THE LEGAL CASE FOR ISRAEL.. then you have NO CLUE what Israel is in the secular world..

While corporations enslave us to live in some plastic "one size fits all" we are United by coka-cola and GMO, and we lose our cultures, our rights.. our way to restore what we hardly had enough time to have.. Israel is a great model because it establishes you right to be free, to be you, who ever you are as long as you are not violent and willing to prove that. That's Israel.

The NWO is spread over the world reducing populations.

John McCain is saying he wants to stop that at all costs.. and I agree with him. Either end what is slaughtering humans now, or be slaughtered. Russia should really be ashamed helping Assad (who must be dosed and on some bad trip taking out Syria.. man. )

Israel is having to control it's population because people are running to Israel for freedom, their lives.. 1.2 million seeking Amensty.. where else are people running to? So yeah, Israel needs to grow.. or freedom needs to grow, and it's not going to grow when people don't understand how.. look at what Israel is doing..

Yes, it's a state.. I'm a statist.. I believe a state, with land, water, air, security to protect, and do what I want is important.. no different than owning a toothbrush.. What's mine is mine and what's your is yours.. and that's how Israel deals with the world, and there is nothing wring with this.. unless you are a paracite.. which some accuse israel, but that is not the case.. Israel gives the US many products.. Israel is an investment.. the rest of the money we toss to the UN and countries who like the NWO, is where we need to cut.

Defend America like Israel defends Israel.. they're smart. They are not the global police.. if we were more like Israel we wouldn't be all over the world.. we wouldn't need to be.

There are zionists for a NWO and zionists for Freedom. The Zionists for a NWO are being programed here.. giving you their enemy for you to blame.. it's not Israel.. it's global corporate machine that finds Islam a perfect tool for their lack of a soul.

Wake up to Israel ending the NWO nightmare.