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I do not deny the right of "Israel" to exist.

Therefore I do not need to watch the video outlining the legal case for its existence. My acceptance of its right to exist is based upon the Law of God not the laws of men.

The "Jews" have been given an opportunity to bring forth the Kingdom of God and its fruits. They have been permitted to take possession of the Land as recompense for Jacob's sin against his brother Esau in obtaining the birthright in an unlawful manner and in gaining his father's blessing by deception.

Esau was the patriarch of the nation of Edom which always coveted the Land since they believed they had been cheated out of their birthright by Jacob who became Israel. Eventually in 126 B.C. John Hyrcanus, the Hasmonean ruler of the Jews, led an expedition against Edom and conquered it. He then gave every male Edomite the option of banishment or of becoming Jews and being circumcised and baptised into the Jewish nation. They agreed to do this and so remained in their homeland and received the right to live as citizens in Judea. From that time forward the Edomites were part and parcel of the Jewish nation and were considered to be Jews. King Herod and his sons were all part Edomite (Idumeans).

Under the Law of Tribulation in Deuteronomy 29 the modern Jews do not have any right to the Land. They must repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ in order to return to their Land lawfully. This is the law on which the Judaic sect of Neturei Karta opposes the Jewish State in Palestine.

As I indicated above this is not the law that God is using to permit the existence of the Jewish State. Rather He is using the Law of Compensation which must be observed in the circumstances described above in relation to Jacob and Esau. This law applies because Edom is integrated in modern Jewry.

However Esau is on probation since once he was given the Land he became responsible to bring forth the Kingdom of God. In actuality he is attempting to bring forth the Kingdom in an unlawful manner by the arm of flesh, the force of arms and other carnal legal but unlawful means.

Many Jews believe they are preparing for the coming of their Messiah and they believe that the secular Jews corporately represent the Messiah ben Joseph who is the donkey upon which the Messiah ben David will appear and rule the world with the Jewish nation. It is on this basis that the Jews are building their world kingdom, primarily through their central banking and monetary system and the corporate cartels controlled by them. All of this is in preparation for this Messianic event and it is their justification for everything they do to achieve this goal.

Their rule of North America has similar roots since America especially (along with Canada) is the actual regathered tribes of the ancient Northern Kingdom of Israel over which, properly speaking, the King of Judah should rule since He has received the sceptre. There is indeed a clear scriptural promise that in the last days the two Kingdoms of Judah and Israel would be re-united under their true King. This is of course a prophecy of the healing of the breach under the Lord Jesus Christ but it has been interpreted by certain Jews to be the material re-union that they have effected through their central banking and monetary system and their corporate cartels. This is their counterfeit world kingdom they have been building since the first century A.D. in order to fulfil Biblical prophecy by their own devices. In doing this they have had the assistance of certain spiritual powers and principalities.

The priests in Jerusalem usurped the Kingship when they crucified the Lord Jesus Christ and now in these latter days they have usurped the Kingdom name of Israel and have been completing the building of their counterfeit world Kingdom using the peoples who are the descendants of the Kingdom of Israel in Europe and America. (The name America means Kingdom of Heaven in the ancient Saxon language. The Saxons were the Saaca the children of Isaac, specifically Ephraim and Manasseh in whom that name was to be continued.)

In doing so they are supported by the Christian Zionists who believe that the Christians will be raptured to Heaven, the Jews will all be converted to Christ at the same time when the Lord Jesus Christ appears to them privately as a nation and then the Jews will evangelise the whole world, there will be great tribulation on Earth as God pours out His wrath on a sinful humanity, the Lord Jesus Christ will return in glory with His saints and He will rule on Earth with the Jews who will be in charge of the government at Mount Zion in Jerusalem where the Temple will have been rebuilt on the Temple Mount. This is the general outline with slight modifications by each church and different Christian churches believe there are different timetables for these events, with the rapture taking place before during and after the great tribulation.

As I have said before, even though the events are all taking place as I have described and the Jews and Christians are working to achieve their goals as they believe God has ordained for them, all of the things they believe comprise a strong delusion even though it can be proven from scripture if one reads scripture literally and accepts certain alignments as being authentic. This is possible because it is God's purpose to delude those who have refused to believe the Truth that was revealed to all the churches by the Holy Spirit from 1948-1952 and ever since from scattered ministries around the world but without any denominations.

I do realise that your personal adherence to "Israel" is not predicated upon these beliefs at least that is my apprehension from what you have said. Nevertheless you should know why so many Christians support "Israel" all over the world and what is the foundation of these beliefs and why those Jews who are exploiting these beliefs have promoted them so assiduously to accomplish what they believe is God's will for their people.

Now, that deals with "Israel" and what I believe about the Jewish State and incidentally the New World Order that is as I have said, a work of the Anglo-American elites, the former Israelites led by the Jews endeavouring to build a counterfeit Kingdom of God. They are also pre-destined to fail, just as Nimrod failed to complete the original Tower of Babel.

Could please you use my post above as a basis for answering my questions as asked so that I can drill down to the foundations of your beliefs about the conflict in Syria, who the players are and how you perceive their motivations and ambitions? It would also help if you could provide any supporting documentation to validate what you believe.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)