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Comment: She is the tool

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She is the tool

The Syrian Army is slaughtering those who protested Assad and his insane dictatorship. Mowing down sign wavers with troops is bad enough.. you think Obama is bad? Assad is one bad assed mother fucker who will take down Syrai and destroy Syria and give the land to Islam and the Jihadist for his part in the NWO, where Putin can protect his port, because for Assad, he's on the side of Islam, that plays like a useful murdering idiot to the NWO as a killing machine for infidels..

This woman's husband has taken orders from Assad to SHOOT CIVILANS, children wipe them out! The free Syria Arny are the officers that refused to shoot civilans.. like how many here hope the officers would keep their oaths and not shoot sign wavers.. Assad slaughters sign wavers..

Blaming Israel is a trap.. There are zionists for a NWO, bit there are Zionists for a sovreign Israel.. and that is the path to freedom.. they have the solution.. learn the solution. Israel is thriving.. learn to thrive!