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They can't handle the truth!

They gave these explanations for removing his talk from TedX:

Here's some further analysis:
This is part of an exchange with Vieira that began with this:
with Vieira's response on his facebook page.

Note: I'm being facetious in the title about "they can't handle the truth". What they don't want is pseudo-science. I think the case that this is pseudo-science is clear. I think that Colavito's takedown of the "Smithsonian conspiracy" is solid. Not to mention that if *all* of the giant skeletons allegedly found to have been "disappeared" -- every single one of them across many decades and several continents including numerous cases that didn't involve the Smithsonian in any way -- then isn't that conveeeenieent that not a single one is available for modern scientific analysis.

Both sides of the argument are there to read.