Comment: These wars have been the plan

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These wars have been the plan

These wars have been the plan for decades, its not new and its definitely not news worthy. All this war-mongering in the news is just to distract from all the real crimes being committed against us, the massive-scale illegal spying, the manipulated and planned financial crisis, and the destruction/re-wording of our most important laws and documents in secret courts.

While everyone focuses on Syria, Americans are losing their ability to defend and speak up for themselves here at home. Our rights are being stripped away day by day. Syria will fall into chaos and there is nothing the average american joe can do about it except disagree on the internet, and likely soon, we won't even be able to do that anymore.

I am not saying Syria isn't important, just that we can't do anything about it and it has been planned for decades and right now its just the current media circus to distract from everything else going on.