Comment: Assad is bad, but Syria isn't ready for a Republic

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Assad is bad, but Syria isn't ready for a Republic

Granger, I agree with you that Assad is an evil despot. Unfortunately, most of the rebels are worse because they want to impose sharia law on Syria and wipe out all of the minority faiths.

The moderate factions that you've been bringing up are not strong enough in popularity to take control of Syria. Stable and peaceful democratic transition requires support of the full body politic of a country. Syria is far too divided. American's tend to have a biased view of revolution because our revolution turned out so well. Unfortunately, ours was the exception, not the rule. The reason ours worked out is because we were already independent before we cast the Brittish out. The same can't be said for the Syrians.

In other words, Syria isn't ready yet for an American-styled republic.

We can certainly help Syria to reach that point through setting a good example and helping liberty organizations abroad. For example, Students for Liberty has chapters all over the world that spread the messege of liberty. They educate people abroad and get politically involved.